TWD: Palets de Dames

Palets de Dames

Hard to believe that it has been almost 3 years since my last blog post! In that time we’ve bought a house (and renovated a kitchen!) and I’ve started a new job. It feels wonderful to be back baking along with the Tuesdays with Dorie gang again!

Dorie Greenspan, one of my baking idols has a brand new cookbook out- Baking Chez Moi and you can find the recipe for the Palets de Dames on the Amazon link for her book! Dorie is on tour- check to see if she will be in your town! If so, I’m jealous as it doesn’t look like there are plans to come to Atlanta… yet….

Waiting to be iced

This recipe was pretty straightforward and I made the cookies over two days after refrigerating the dough overnight. Given that I was baking the cookies after work I was very grateful for such a short baking time! The recipe was supposed to yield about 40 cookies and I managed to get 36. Unfortunately, individuals who won’t be named here ate a couple before I could get them iced. The icing was a really nice touch for the cookies and the fresh lemon juice really made the flavor! Delicious cookies, great recipe, everyone is happy! Can’t wait for the next selection!

These Might Possibly Be The Best…..

Brownies you will ever make!!!!!! (or eat for that matter!)

This is actually a recipe for Brownie Bites from King Arthur Flour and they provide all sorts of fabulous ideas to really dress up your brownie bites. I made them for a dinner party and just added some confectioner’s sugar after cutting them in the traditional rectangles!

I did not make any changes to the recipe except for omitting the espresso powder which I was out of. (On a side note I’m still kicking myself for not restocking my pantry before Christmas when King Arthur had free shipping and then $3 shipping. I spent way too much yesterday, but that’s another story!). Making the brownies could not be any easier and cleanup was a breeze. The first step of the recipe is to melt the butter in a saucepan and then you end up adding everything to that saucepan before pouring the batter into a cake pan. Loved that! The biggest difference between this recipe and my “old” standby recipe is this recipe calls for the dutch processed cocoa (I used the Double-Dutch Dark Cocoa from KAF) and my “old” recipe requires melting the chocolate down. With this recipe you add chips to the batter which you can see in the photos. I used semisweet chips, a mix of the Nestle’s mini and regular size which is all I had on hand :-) You can see how dark the batter is here:

The brownies were moist, a little fudge like and completely delicious. Completely. I would make these again right now if I had more of the cocoa but alas, I am out and greatly anticipating the arrival of my KAF package. I also purchased this Black Cocoa and will add a little to the recipe next time. I can’t imagine how amazing the brownies will be then. :-)



Scali Bread… The Italian Bread I Didn’t Know I Was Craving!

I came across this recipe for Scali Bread while I was perusing the bread recipes on the King Arthur site and decided to give it a try. I was not familiar with scali bread but after some research found that it is an Italian bread commonly found in Boston. It’s an olive oil enriched Italian bread (which reminded me of my Grandpa’s recipe). After making this bread and nearly eating all of it before dinner, I can attest to the deliciousness of the bread- it completely reminded me of the Italian bread that my Mom would purchase at our local IGA. You have a choice with this recipe whether to make it as a loaf or individual rolls. I made rolls so that I could freeze them and pull out a couple for dinner as we need them! I will need to make this bread on a fairly regular basis to have it around!

So here is the baking adventure through photography:

First came the starter

Before Rising

After the first rising

After the first rising you have to decide whether you are going to make loaves or rolls. Since I opted for rolls, I took the risen dough and divided it into 6 equal pieces. I then rolled the 6 pieces into logs and waited 10 minutes. I then took 3 of the pieces and rolled them out to 28,” brushed them with an egg wash and rolled them in the sesame seeds before braiding them. I then repeated the process with the other remaining logs.

To make the rolls I cut the 2 braids into 6 pieces and tucked the braid ends underneath. This resulted in 12 rolls which then had to rise for the second time, took about 90 minutes.

After 20 minutes in the oven!


Go Buy This Right Now! Seriously!

There is absolutely no doubt that this is one of my favorite purchases of all time from King Arthur Flour. It completely elevates any recipe that calls for cinnamon. It really is amazing and if you don’t already own it, click on the image, purchase it and then throw out whatever cinnamon you have at home. You’ll never go back!!!!
So the real reason I am singing the praises of this fabulous cinnamon is because it played a starring role in our New Year’s Day breakfast- cinnamon buns. The recipe that I have used (and linked) is for the King Arthur Now or Later Cinnamon Buns. I love this recipe because it allows you to make the buns in advance and then either store them in an air-tight container or freeze them, just to reheat the morning you eat them and then add the icing. It could not be a more perfect recipe because on New Year’s Day, I want to do as little as possible while also indulging in a yummy breakfast (which probably also includes a few blood orange pomegranate mimosas).

Aren’t you hungry just looking at the photo? Can’t you just smell the cinnamon through your computer? Simply fabulous. And really, you do need that cinnamon! :-)

My other New Year’s plans (apart from watching sports for 3 days) including making some hot chocolate and marshmallows. My friend Tara at Cookie Talk originally posted these recipes as part of her Baker’s Dozen Days of Christmas series so check out her reviews there! Both recipes were fairly easy to make (I omitted the cayenne pepper in the hot chocolate) and you definitely want to make sure you dust all parts of the marshmallow pan with the cornstarch/confectioners sugar mix. Good luck getting the marshmallows out of the pan otherwise! I had previously made a Martha Stewart marshmallow recipe which didn’t work out as well as the Alton Brown recipe did this time around. I made my marshmallows into snowflakes- they were a winner!