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Very Crumby!

I love crumb cakes- in fact I usually crave a piece daily around 3pm. That probably stems from sitting around in the kitchen eating Entenmann’s crumb cake with my Mom with some afternoon coffee :-) And my husband loves blueberries so I just had to make this crumb cake!

I also love(?) to keep busy. Which is why instead of just sitting around reading a comic book, I decided to bake this cake Monday night after a long day of teaching followed up by my own grad class. Which is to say, this cake was not too involved! I am so glad I decided to make it- we ate some for dessert while it was still a little warm- wow!! Delicious! The only thing that is a bummer is the short shelf life :-)

I’ve really enjoyed the last two recipes with getting to rub zest with sugar- what a wonderful aroma! I used an orange for this cake.

For the recipe- check out Sihan’s blog! It’s a winner!


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Comments on: "TWD: Blueberry Crumb Cake" (5)

  1. Looks wonderful! We really enjoyed this crumb cake too :)

  2. Love, love , loved this recipe!

  3. that looks gorgeous! I’m glad that you loved the recipe too!

  4. Your cakes look wonderful!

  5. teaandscones said:

    You are one busy baker. Been there, done that. Over with. Glad.

    Cake looks great.

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