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Yummy brownies!

Boy did it feel nice to be baking again! Once school started a few weeks ago, doing anything other than trying to keep from drowning in paperwork became a pipedream! I really needed to get some grading done on Sunday but I decided that I really needed to bake these brownies more. I definitely made the correct decision!

Melissa of Life in a Peanut Shell chose this fabulous recipe and she has the recipe on her blog- go check it out!

I omitted the topping on these brownies (as did many bakers- reading through the P & Q) and they were fan-tastic!!! My husband right now is trying to keep himself from eating them for breakfast. :-)


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Comments on: "TWD: Espresso Cheesecake Brownies" (4)

  1. Nice swirls! :) Mine didn’t do that!

  2. Glad you both liked them. And as for the topping, you definitely didn’t miss anything! Next time I’m going to fiddle with the chocolate and eliminate the topping.

  3. Pretty! I’d eat ‘em for breakfast!! Nice job.

  4. psh, iii am about to go have one for breakfast now! :D

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