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Simply amazing!

And with two words that about wraps up this post!

This was my first time making gnocchi of any kind so I made the recipe over two days. Saturday, I made and formed the gnocchi and then froze them. Not really having a clue how to form gnocchi, I got some assistance from this video I watched on You Tube from Pham Fatale.

Then Sunday I prepared the rest of the recipe and used the parmesan/comté cheese combination.


The finished product!

This really was delicious!! Very, very rich but boy did it taste every bit like homemade deliciousness! The aroma alone was killer and I paired it with some homemade sourdough bread for good measure. It was a big day for me! :-)

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Comments on: "FFWD: Gnocchi a la Parisienne" (6)

  1. Your gnocchi looks perfect!! :) Glad this turned out so well for you. Good idea to find the video on how to shape these.

  2. When are you making this again honey?

  3. Yummy! Would love to have some right now! :)

  4. Your cheesy crust looks so wonderful…makes me want to dive right in!

  5. You two are so cute. I love the wedding pic. Enjoyed the post and look forward to getting to know you through the group. B:)

  6. Wow! Your post looks amazing! I sat this one out because we were so busy, but you’ve inspired me to try it another time!

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