TWD: The Rugelach that Won Over France

RugelachThe first December recipe from Baking Chez Moi was the Rugelach that Won Over France (check out the link to see how everyone did!). Not going to lie, when I heard that the rugelach was selected for baking I became very hesitant and considered skipping it. The rugelach recipe in Baking From My Home to Yours was one of the first recipes I made for the TWD group (November, 2008) and it didn’t turn out anything nearly like I was expecting and was a borderline disaster:

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 5.34.58 PMYikes. At least it tasted better than it looked! That sugar was really not a good idea. What was I thinking 6 years ago? :-) 

Back to the current recipe- I tend to enjoy rugelach that is jam based so this was a new filling for me and I really enjoyed it! I was able to fill the dough with little problems until the 4th roll. I tried to stuff it with all the leftover mix which caused the dough to split/spill on several occasions.


Wrapped, I let the dough stay frozen for about 24 hours. I ended up slicing 2 of the logs to bake and left the other 2 frozen to bake for another time. I decided to bake the last log that I rolled and that became quite the adventure since the filling didn’t want to cooperate in the oven.

IMG_4691 IMG_4690

After about 13 minutes of baking, the smoke detectors went off. Half of the rugelach was getting burned and the filling was starting to leak out. It always amuses me that I remember to turn the fan on after the smoke detector starts going off. Long story short, the rugelach were very, very tasty. I’m looking forward to baking the cookies in the freezer I’ll just need to keep a better eye on them so they don’t burn. The batch that turned out well had a delicious pastry. The batch that burned, well you could tell that they would have tasted well if they hadn’t burned!

TWD: Hazelnut-Spread Filled Chocolate Madeleines

This week’s recipe was selected by Margo of Effort to Deliciousness and you can find the recipe for these madeleines on her blog! Thanks to Margo this was my first madeleine recipe and I can’t wait to make more!!!

I made this recipe based on a few key factors this week:

1. Snow/ice days (Tuesday is snow day #2 so extra time allows for more baking! Yay! :-))

2. Newly purchased madeleine pan (many thanks to my Brother & Sister-in-law for the Williams Sonoma gift card for Christmas!)

3. The fact that I had all necessary ingredients (except the heavy cream) in the kitchen

So yes! Right now I’m a little snow/ice stranded here in Atlanta and I don’t mind it one bit since it allows for extra baking/cooking (seriously since Saturday I have made these madeleines, sourdough bread (starting with getting the starter going), pizza (with biga) and the French Fridays with Dorie recipe for the week. So it’s been an awesome weekend!!! And I’m also very grateful that I have a market right across the street that carried eggs & heavy cream to help!

I have to say, the madeleines came out beautifully! Very, very elegant looking and quite tasty. We had a couple and I decided to freeze the rest but I just know they won’t be as delicious as the freshly made ones! I had a little bit of difficulty trying to get the hazelnut spread into the madeleines- which also isn’t too much of a surprise given my limited experience with tips. The spread I used wasn’t Nutella- they had free samples of this other hazelnut spread that I ended up buying (who’s name escapes me!) but was just as yummy :-)

TWD: Midnight Crackles

Happy New Year and Happy 3rd Anniversary TWD!

This first recipe of 2011 was selected jointly by Laurie of Slush and Jules of Someone’s In the Kitchen. First off, many, many thanks to Laurie and Jules for everything they do for Tuesdays with Dorie!!!!! Secondly, head to their blogs to see how these cookies probably should have turned out and to get the recipe so you can give it a shot! :-)

Ok! On to the recipe. Typically, I get along well with all of Dorie’s recipes. Of course at the beginning there were a few issues while I was earning my baking wings but things have been pretty consistent (and very yummy!) ever since. I’m not sure what happened with the crackles! We just did not get on very well together. It started while all the ingredients were mixing- it began as one large ball but by the time I added the entire flour mixture everything came apart and was very crumbly. I wondered if maybe the issue was the stand mixer- was it too small? Was that why it fell apart? Either way, I went to work getting everything back together by hand and what a buttery, slick mess that made! Even after refrigeration the dough firmed up but it was still pretty buttery.

The cookies didn’t crackle so much while in the oven, some split apart but I don’t think that’s what was intended! The flavor of the cookies was pretty decent but the texture wasn’t my favorite (then again my husband kept going back to them again and again for more!). They reminded me in a way of the World Peace Cookies and boy do I love those! I sure am eager to see how they turned out for everyone else!

Holiday Wrap Up

I can’t believe how quickly Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone! All that preparation and then *poof* into 2011 we go. It is my favorite time of the year so I am always a little sad having to face down the rest of winter and look forward to Winter Break in February!

I made more cookies this year (8 different varieties) than I ever had before. The last week of school was incredibly busy with baking every night and at one point my husband came home to have to step around cookies sheets cooling off on the floor just outside the kitchen in our apartment. All of my recipes this year came from: Martha Stewart’s Holiday Cookies magazine, Dorie’s Baking From My Home to Yours, the Sopranos Family Cookbook (no matter what you think of the show- the book has some GREAT classic Italian recipes), and the King Arthur Flour website where I found some great recipes (and ingredients!)

So where to start? From Martha I made: Chocolate Espresso cookies; Sugar cut outs (I subbed about a teaspoon of fiori di sicilia flavor for some of the vanilla- WOW!!!!!!); White Chocolate Covered Peppermint cookies (think of thin mints covered in white chocolate with peppermint pieces on top); and one of my personal favorites- Cranberry Coins. The cranberry coins were basically ice-box butter cookies with pieces of chopped dried cranberry. I wasn’t sure how they would come out but they were really tasty- and one of the favorites of the recipients of my cookie boxes for Christmas.  But back to my favorite secret ingredient for a minute- fiori di sicilia is a citrus flavoring. I used it for the first time in my cut outs and the aroma is incredible alone. Just a little less than a teaspoon really took this cookies to another level and even after they baked you could still smell the citrus. Just amazing. I want to go make a pound cake just to use it again!

Purchase fiori di sicilia here

Two of my favorite cookies to bake for Christmas from BFMHTY are the World Peace cookies (which I ended up making twice because my husband has very little restraint around them) and the Thumbprints for Us Big Guys. I always make thumbprints for Christmas because it seems like the Christmas thing to do. To be honest? I think they are such a pain. I hate how the jam always sticks to the wax paper. These are the things that drive me nuts ;) But I do like how much versatility you have with jam flavorings- of course I went for the raspberry/hazelnut option. The rest of my cookies included Pignoli cookies (from the Sopranos) and I learned that these by far are the stickiest cookies in the world! It was my first time making them and I know it made my Mom happy. Next year I’ll add the rainbow layer cookies to my Italian cookie collection. And to wrap things up for good measure I also made a chocolate amaretti torte!

I made these Egg Nog muffins from King Arthur Flour for my husband to bring in to work and they were spectacular! Even if you are not a fan of egg nog you should consider making them. They weren’t overly egg nog-y, if anything they were incredibly moist. I didn’t use the optional egg nog flavoring, just vanilla.

And I think that wraps things up! Wow that was a lot of baking over a few short weeks! Thanks for sticking with me through this recap. Looking forward to all the baking 2011 has in store! Happy New Year!