TWD: Tiger Cakes

I’ve missed a few bakes but I’m back with October’s first selection- Tiger Cakes!

First the good: the cakes came together in a very easy fashion and the flavor was really tasty. Now, the not so good: getting these bad boys out of the pan was a bear! I doused the pan with Baker’s Joy and still had many stay behind. I’m not sure if I should have left them in the pan longer to cool or maybe I should have taken the time to cut up strips of parchment paper to make X’s to help pull them out (if that would have helped). They reminded me more of mini muffins than mini cakes. I think if I had topped them with chocolate they would have felt more mini cake like to me.

IMG_6489 IMG_6490

The photo of the pan isn’t entirely accurate. I treated myself to eating most of the cake that was left behind 🙂

I would like to make these again because of their ease and taste but would be reluctant because of how tricky they were to remove from the pan.


TWD: Vanilla Mango Panna Cotta

Panna cotta is my absolute favorite go to dessert at Sotto Sotto, a wonderful Italian restaurant here in Atlanta. I have never attempted to make it before so I was excited to give this a try because it sounded delicious and summery- and a lot easier than I thought making panna cotta would be!

Turned out it was pretty easy to make and it tasted super elegant for how easy it was (a winning combination). 

The only change I would make for the next time (other than trying to photograph it better) would be to either cut back on the lime juice or add honey to the mango purée. It turned out more tart in the end. The panna cotta was spot on perfect!


TWD: Chocolate Cranberry Brownies

This first recipe for June is Dorie’s Chocolate Cranberry Brownies (or cherry if you prefer!). I also have a fair bit of catching up to do since I never posted the results from May’s baking adventures! I’m really grateful for this recipe because I was able to make it with everything that I had on hand (dried cranberries (instead of cherries), tawny port (instead of ruby), and bittersweet chocolate because I love it more than semisweet. 🙂

IMG_5727Like many other bakers remarked, the baking time was off for these. The recipe called for 27-29 minutes so I set the timer for 25 since my oven tends to bake things a little faster. Nope, still gooey. It took a little over the 30 minute mark for the brownies to be done and I left them on the counter to cool to room temperature until it was time for dessert. These brownies were rich, chewy, moist, fudgy, everything you want in a brownie with a little kick of flavor from the cranberries. Yup, they’ll be made again!


TWD: Rhubarb Upside Down Cake (May 26th recipe)

I made this rhubarb upside down cake (with plenty of whipped cream!) for friends that we had over for dinner. It was a great summer dessert (because while it may be spring, it sure feels like summer in Atlanta) and was a great accompaniment to paella! While I love rhubarb, this wasn’t my most favorite use of it. The cake was a little too sweet for me so I think the next time I will cut back a little bit on the sugar. Still waiting to enjoy that rhubarb syrup though!