TWD: Fresh Ginger & Chocolate Gingerbread

Fresh Ginger and Chocolate Gingerbread

Let me interrupt this post to announce that this was the first time, ever, that what I baked actually looked like the cookbook photo. This was a minor miracle that I cannot ignore šŸ™‚

Looks just like Dorie's!

Ok. I’ll be honest. I wouldn’t have made this recipe if I didn’t miss last week’s due to vacation! Ginger and I don’t get along particularly well. I can trace our mostly poor relationship back to one fateful evening when Joe and I were out eating sushi at Room at Twelve. I remember it well. I was being more adventurous with my sushi, trying to get away from just california rolls and the salmon/tuna things with rice (can’t remember what the real name is). The lighting was poor, I had a few glasses of wine, and I thought there were some thinly sliced potatoes (?!?!) on my plate. I was intrigued and stuffed them in my mouth. It took about 1/2 a second to realize it was thinly sliced ginger. And being in a nice restaurant, I had to eat it. That pretty much killed my opinion of ginger!

But I forged ahead and made this cake, hoping upon hope that it would be better than I expected. I had to cut back on the ginger a little bit and omitted the stem ginger all together. My favorite part about this cake was the texture of the batter as I poured it into the pan- it was fluffy for lack of a better word and just really cool looking. It also took longer than 40 minutes to bake fully.

The result? As I feared, I took one bite and pushed the plate away…however… my husband ate his up and then brought the rest to work where it was thoroughly enjoyed by his coworkers so it was a success for them and they have Heather of Sherry Trifle to thank for choosing this recipe!


10 thoughts on “TWD: Fresh Ginger & Chocolate Gingerbread

  1. Ha ha ha – thinly sliced potatoes – that’s a good one. In my world, though, that’s my husbands opinion with ginger – he hates the stuff. But at least it turned out the way you’d hoped!

  2. Ginger is an acquired taste and it is good with sushi, but only a dab. Sorry you didn’t like this one. Maybe next time. It is yummy looking.

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