TWD: Devils Food White Out Cake

Devils Food White Out Cake

This fabulous party (or just because) cake recipe can be found on Stephanie’s blog Confessions of a City Eater.

This was my first layer cake and it was stressing me out to try and evenly cut the layers- especially since the pans I had were 9″ x 1.5″ so it was going to be tricky to get an even slice. You can tell looking at the slices that I need a little Β more work with the cutting πŸ™‚ The good news is no matter how unequal the layers are, the cake still tastes fabulous!

Delicious cake!

The funny part about putting the cake together is that it came out kind of lopsided. Reminded me of a tilted Christmas tree that needed the stand to be adjusted to straighten out the tree.Β 

This cake was absolutely delicious though and I had so much fun with the fluffy icing! My husband has voted to add it to my dessert rotation…..

He's a fan!


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