YWPWT? Strawberry Pie with Mango Rum Whipped Cream

Strawberry Pie Deliciousness

This month’s theme, as selected by Ellen at Kittymama, was childhood memory pies!

I selected a strawberry pie to represent my childhood, although it wasn’t an easy choice! Reflecting back on my childhood brought up so many wonderful summer memories and to me- summer = strawberry (especially when they are fresh local berries from Long Island!).


So I used a variation of Martha Stewart’s strawberry icebox pie from the June issue of Everyday Food. I used 2 pounds of really fresh & tasty strawberries from Whole Foods (love that you could sample them before buying). I made a regular pastry pie crust instead of the graham cracker crust and the my favorite twist to the pie- was changing the whipped cream topping to a mango rum whipped cream!!! (YUM!!!!) Seriously, I think the whipped cream may have been better than the pie! I had some Cruzan mango rum left over from our vacation last summer to USVI. What a glorious combination! I think I will make the whipped cream again just to eat it out of the bowl (as demonstrated by my husband)!

Yummy cream!


4 thoughts on “YWPWT? Strawberry Pie with Mango Rum Whipped Cream

  1. I agree the whipped cream with mango rum is dessert in itself. Your pie looks great and refreshing for summer!

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