TWD: Palets de Dames

Palets de Dames

Hard to believe that it has been almost 3 years since my last blog post! In that time we’ve bought a house (and renovated a kitchen!) and I’ve started a new job. It feels wonderful to be back baking along with the Tuesdays with Dorie gang again!

Dorie Greenspan, one of my baking idols has a brand new cookbook out- Baking Chez Moi and you can find the recipe for the Palets de Dames on the Amazon link for her book! Dorie is on tour- check to see if she will be in your town! If so, I’m jealous as it doesn’t look like there are plans to come to Atlanta… yet….

Waiting to be iced

This recipe was pretty straightforward and I made the cookies over two days after refrigerating the dough overnight. Given that I was baking the cookies after work I was very grateful for such a short baking time! The recipe was supposed to yield about 40 cookies and I managed to get 36. Unfortunately, individuals who won’t be named here ate a couple before I could get them iced. The icing was a really nice touch for the cookies and the fresh lemon juice really made the flavor! Delicious cookies, great recipe, everyone is happy! Can’t wait for the next selection!


18 thoughts on “TWD: Palets de Dames

  1. YAY! So glad you are back with us! Its been 2 years since I have blogged, as well. (And technically, I have not posted yet today…. but I will!!) Your cookies look perfect. Welcome back!

  2. LOL- I tried one pre icing as well. Considered it “research”. Also hoping Nana and I can get to see Dorie in person but her locations are not too convenient for us. At least we have the book 🙂 Nice job on these yummy cookies ~

  3. Welcome back to blogging and congratulations on all the changes in your life! Your cookies look delicious. I had trouble with someone eating a few before they were glazed too! Only it was me!

  4. These were a great choice for a first recipe from the book – elegant, pretty, and easy to dress up. So looking forward to baking through this book with everyone!

  5. A few of my cookies disappeared before being iced..oh well, they were sure good ;). Looking forward to baking with you and trying all the delicious recipes we have in our future on TWD !!!

  6. Your cookies look lovely and between you and me, I actually loved them without the icing, I only iced half of mine and the rest we just enjoyed without the icing. Nice to have a choice.

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