TWD: Tiger Cakes

I’ve missed a few bakes but I’m back with October’s first selection- Tiger Cakes!

First the good: the cakes came together in a very easy fashion and the flavor was really tasty. Now, the not so good: getting these bad boys out of the pan was a bear! I doused the pan with Baker’s Joy and still had many stay behind. I’m not sure if I should have left them in the pan longer to cool or maybe I should have taken the time to cut up strips of parchment paper to make X’s to help pull them out (if that would have helped). They reminded me more of mini muffins than mini cakes. I think if I had topped them with chocolate they would have felt more mini cake like to me.

IMG_6489 IMG_6490

The photo of the pan isn’t entirely accurate. I treated myself to eating most of the cake that was left behind šŸ™‚

I would like to make these again because of their ease and taste but would be reluctant because of how tricky they were to remove from the pan.



4 thoughts on “TWD: Tiger Cakes

  1. These were delicious and easy to make. Seems like a lot of people had trouble getting them out. I bought a new non-stick pan which worked like a charm. I would have treated myself to the pieces too:)

  2. I was definitely found licking the bowl out after I had filled the tin so I can’t say anything about eating the bit’s afterward!

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