1st Anniversary Party at Antico Pizza Napoletana

Monday night we helped celebrate Antico’s 1st Anniversary!!!! Well, we ate all the delicious food that they made in honor of their anniversary! Sausage & peppers, shrimp, eggplant parmesan and how about their pizza!!!!!


Taylor Grocery & Restaurant: How I Love Thee

Taylor Grocery

I adore Oxford, Mississippi and I didn’t even go to Ole Miss. Our first visit was last Memorial Day weekend. We were driving to Memphis for the weekend and stopped overnight in Oxford (it was just the right distance from Atlanta). I ended up falling in love with the town (especially Square Books!) and we made our third trip this past weekend.ย 

I had an inservice on Friday and was lucky to get done by 2pm so we decided to make a road trip for some of Taylor Grocery’s catfish & their sausage & cheese plate (seriously- we drove 5 1/2 hours for this food, and well, to get away for the night). We went to Taylor Groc. during our last trip and the food and charm made such an impression that we couldn’t wait to get back.

Their motto

Taylor Grocery is located the small town of Taylor, Mississippi- about 5 miles from Oxford. It’s BYOB and the best part of going there is drinking in the parking lot with the locals waiting for your table to be called. [We learned the hard way during our last visit though that you can’t buy alcohol on Sundays. And we learned this time that you can’t buy cold beer. Which explained all the ice vending machines!] ๐Ÿ™‚

This time, as the last time, the food was outstanding. Grilled catfish, blackened catfish, sausage & cheese, pecan pie…. just outstanding. We actually got a second sausage & cheese plate to-go ย on Friday and our waitress (Kaye) really hooked us up after finding out we drove from Atlanta just for their food.

Sausage & Cheese Plate (oversized!)

Another cashier/waitress at Taylor really took care of us also upon finding out we drove out from Atlanta. She gave us 2 Taylor Grocery t-shirts which we will happily wear proudly!ย 

You’ll notice in these pictures how empty the restaurant is- we went back for a second time last weekend (seriously!) to get some more sausage and cheese to eat in the car on the ride back to Atlanta (it’s easier to eat while driving than catfish). So we went back right at 5pm as it was opening!

One shot of the insideAnother shot of the inside

Taylor Grocery really is a special place- outstanding food and people! We can’t wait to go back again! Even if you’re not in the neighborhood, make the effort to get there and enjoy everything about it (with luck you’ll be there for live music too!). Make sure when you visit to bring a marker so that you can leave your mark!

We were here! Just didn't have a marker :0(

Flip Burger Boutique

flip burgerflip burger2

On New Year’s Eve we treated ourselves to dinner at Top Chef contestant Richard Blais’ restaurant Flip burger boutique. We will absolutely be back and soon! The burgers are a little smaller than your typical burger but they are bigger than sliders. Loved everything- especially the sweet potato tots. Next time I’m hoping to have room for the nutella shake ๐Ÿ™‚

The top photo was my meal- the flip burger with cheese and the sweet potato tots. Underneath you are looking at a flip burger and a po boyger with a fried pickle and a side of fries!