TWD: Lots of Ways Banana Cake

Apologies to the banana cake. This photograph does not do you justice!

I really, really enjoyed all the options with this recipe. Basically, as long as you have some over-ripened bananas, you too can have a banana cake! I made the single layer version with thoughts of this cake serving as that early afternoon cake with coffee or tea (but basically it turned into “any time you get hungry take a slice cake”). I halved the recipe to accommodate a single layer and the only addition I made was to add only a 1/4c of coconut and added a 1/4c of the mini semisweet chocolate chips. I really enjoyed that addition and it really made the cake spectacular!

This week’s recipe was selected by Kimberly of Only Creative Opportunities so head on over to her blog so you also can enjoy the versatility of this recipe!


TWD: Cocoa-Nana Bread

Recipes that include over-ripened bananas are among my favorites! I buy a bunch when I do my weekly grocery shopping and then by the end of the week it seems there are always a few hanging around (and by then they are very brown!). I love these recipes because it makes me feel better about not eating the bananas earlier, almost as if I left them alone on purpose, waiting for a recipe!!

Steph of Obsessed with Baking chose this delicious Cocoa-Nana Bread- a fabulous combination of bananas and chocolate. I made this for a Sunday morning treat earlier in January when we had a snow-day which lead to a 3-day weekend (I got A LOT of baking done that weekend- it was fabulous!. Looking forward to making this recipe again!

TWD: Classic Banana Bundt Cake


Fabulous choice this week by Mary of the Food Librarian!

I was honestly going to skip this week because my husband is no fan of banana bread and I didn’t want to risk falling in love with it and being tempted to eat it all myself.

But then the reviews started pouring in… and who am I to let some over ripe bananas go to waste? 🙂

Holy smokes is this cake good, and I have no idea how it would have been out of the oven but it was soooo tasty the next day. I loved the icing! And excitingly enough, my husband, who generally avoids banana breads/cakes enjoyed it as well!