TWD: Chewy, Chunky Blondies

This week’s selection was indeed both chewy and chunky and I would go further to include gooey! Great flavor with these bars and they were really fabulous while they were still warm. I made mine with the Heath toffee chips although next time I’m going to use butterscotch chips due to the craving I’m suffering from 🙂

The only mistake I made with these was being in a rush! The blondies cooked fine, I left them out to cool for a little while and was time crunched to meet a friend. So….. I decided to take them out of the pan before reaching room temperature, and my poor blondies, the middle sank right through the cooling rack. What can you do. The bars were yummy but once the gooey-ness had dried under the cooling rack it was a bear to clean! Learn from me! Wait for room temperature 🙂

Check out Nicole’s Cookies on Friday blog for this recipe!