Go Buy This Right Now! Seriously!

There is absolutely no doubt that this is one of my favorite purchases of all time from King Arthur Flour. It completely elevates any recipe that calls for cinnamon. It really is amazing and if you don’t already own it, click on the image, purchase it and then throw out whatever cinnamon you have at home. You’ll never go back!!!!
So the real reason I am singing the praises of this fabulous cinnamon is because it played a starring role in our New Year’s Day breakfast- cinnamon buns. The recipe that I have used (and linked) is for the King Arthur Now or Later Cinnamon Buns. I love this recipe because it allows you to make the buns in advance and then either store them in an air-tight container or freeze them, just to reheat the morning you eat them and then add the icing. It could not be a more perfect recipe because on New Year’s Day, I want to do as little as possible while also indulging in a yummy breakfast (which probably also includes a few blood orange pomegranate mimosas).

Aren’t you hungry just looking at the photo? Can’t you just smell the cinnamon through your computer? Simply fabulous. And really, you do need that cinnamon! 🙂

My other New Year’s plans (apart from watching sports for 3 days) including making some hot chocolate and marshmallows. My friend Tara at Cookie Talk originally posted these recipes as part of her Baker’s Dozen Days of Christmas series so check out her reviews there! Both recipes were fairly easy to make (I omitted the cayenne pepper in the hot chocolate) and you definitely want to make sure you dust all parts of the marshmallow pan with the cornstarch/confectioners sugar mix. Good luck getting the marshmallows out of the pan otherwise! I had previously made a Martha Stewart marshmallow recipe which didn’t work out as well as the Alton Brown recipe did this time around. I made my marshmallows into snowflakes- they were a winner!