TWD: Lemon Madeleines

The first delicious recipe for March is Dorie’s Lemon Madeleines on page 212. I have not made madeleines in a really long time so it was great to break out that pan again and they turned out beautifully with Dorie’s tips.


Here they are right out of the oven, unglazed and tempting. I was planning to go all out and make the lemon glaze but my Mom texted me to eat one for her while it was still nice and warm. Naturally, I obliged (major arm twisting involved).


I glazed the rest and it’s possible that they were even tastier. I think the glaze might have helped the madeleines keep longer than they would have without the glaze but we’ll never know. They were all gone the next day anyway.


What I didn’t put aside for my husband I brought into work. My coworkers (@ Georgia Tech) were intrigued by the notion that madeleines tasted the best as soon as they were made and the quality of them┬ádecreased rapidly as time increased. There was talk of equations and exponential decay. And then everyone just ate and enjoyed. ­čÖé

Happy Pi Day in advance!


TWD: Hazelnut-Spread Filled Chocolate Madeleines

This week’s recipe was selected by┬áMargo of Effort to Deliciousness and you can find the recipe for these madeleines on her blog! Thanks to Margo this was my first madeleine recipe and I can’t wait to make more!!!

I made this recipe based on a few key factors this week:

1. Snow/ice days (Tuesday is snow day #2 so extra time allows for more baking! Yay! :-))

2. Newly purchased madeleine pan (many thanks to my Brother & Sister-in-law for the Williams Sonoma gift card for Christmas!)

3. The fact that I had all necessary ingredients (except the heavy cream) in the kitchen

So yes! Right now I’m a little snow/ice stranded here in Atlanta and I don’t mind it one bit since it allows for extra baking/cooking (seriously since Saturday I have made these madeleines, sourdough bread (starting with getting the starter going), pizza (with biga) and the French Fridays with Dorie recipe for the week. So it’s been an awesome weekend!!! And I’m also very grateful that I have a market right across the street that carried eggs & heavy cream to help!

I have to say, the madeleines came out beautifully! Very, very elegant looking and quite tasty. We had a couple and I decided to freeze the rest but I just know they won’t be as delicious as the freshly made ones! I had a little bit of difficulty trying to get the hazelnut spread into the madeleines- which also isn’t too much of a surprise given my limited experience with tips. The spread I used wasn’t Nutella- they had free samples of this other hazelnut spread that I ended up buying (who’s name escapes me!) but was just as yummy ­čÖé