TWD: Crunchy and Custardy Peach Tart

This glorious recipe was selected by Rachel of sweet tarte. There were two things that I found to be difficult with this recipe: 1. Slicing the peaches after they were peeled (boy are those suckers slippery!) and 2. Not devouring the entire tart once I tried it. Wow!!!!!!!!! That’s dessert!

I made my tart with some fuzzy Georgia peaches (which have been ferocious this summer- the kind that you bite into and then half the peach is dripping down your chin). Everything came out spectacularly with this choice. A fabulous summer dessert!


TWD: Honey-Peach Ice Cream


Thanks to Tommi of Brown Interior for selecting this week’s recipe, honey-peach ice cream! I bought my first ice cream maker at costco a few weeks ago (I went in for paper towels and toilet paper and walked out with an ice cream maker too) 🙂 and I was really excited to make this recipe. The Georgia peaches aren’t quite ready just yet- so I used some farm fresh peaches from South Carolina. So fresh you bite into them and then half the juice is running down your chin (also makes it interesting to have to peel!).

Fresh peaches

This ice cream is soooo delicious!!! It would be so great with pie, a great summer treat!!!