TWD: Parisian Apple Tartlet

Parisian Apple Tartlet

I admit, I was afraid of this recipe from just looking at the picture. Then I found out that I didn’t have to make the puff pastry, that Dorie actually recommended Dufour’s (or even Pepperidge Farm’s- score!). That made me feel a lot better! I loved this recipe just because it was so good, so easy and really came out looking like a professional dessert (and the hardest thing I had to do was peel apples!).

Out grocery shopping, we decided to splurge and got the Dufour’s pastry- WOW was it delicious. Probably would have been tasty with no filling 🙂 I made some golden delicious apple tartlets and they really were outstanding- I’m looking forward to making some more just to use up the pastry. I’ll definitely make this again- especially when the Georgia peaches are ready. Yummy!!!!! Check out Jessica’s blog, My Baking Heart for this great recipe!

Before the oven!